Broadband Survey

Hello Everyone,

As discussed yesterday, I have attached a template that can be used to allow individuals and businesses to send to us as part of our WISER application.

For New North – I would change the address line to send the letters to the folks you’re working with in the different counties in the region.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Jeff Flynt

Brown County Deputy Executive

(920) 448-4083

[Please update this document replacing the highlighted information to make this document
unique to you and your needs.]

[Today’s Date]

Troy Streckenbach
Brown County Executive
PO Box 23600
Green Bay, WI 54305-3600

Dear Executive Streckenbach,
(I/We) am/are writing to you in response to the Wisconsin Internet Self-Report (WISER) survey
to accurately describe the availability and quality of internet in Brown County.
(I/We) live at the following address: replace with your address
Our phone number is: replace with your phone number
Our email address is: replace with your email address
(I/We) am/are unserved/underserved by internet providers which is causing harm by (describe
your specific issues).
Previously, (I/We) have attempted to get internet service but was informed that it was not
available in my area/was extremely costly and unreliable/service was unreliable.
(I/We) am/are contacting you with the hope that you will help our area achieve connectivity so
that we can access (educational, business, recreational, social, health care, etc.) to improve the
quality of our lives and the lives of our community.

(Your Name(s))
(Place of Residence)