The Town of Morrison Planning Committee makes formal recommendations to the Town Board regarding zoning change requests.

If you are interested in applying for a zoning change, you must submit a Change Request Form to the Zoning Administrator, Dave Klug, along with a $425.00 application fee.  The Planning Committee will hold a meeting.  All property owners within a 100-foot radius will receive written notification of your request.  A public hearing will be held within 30 days after this meeting.  After the public hearing, the zoning request will be on a monthly Board meeting agenda.  The Town Board will receive the recommendation of the Planning Committee.  It is the Town Board that makes the final decision on whether to permit a zoning change.

It can take several months from application until a final decision is made for zoning changes, so please understand that if you are considering building, you should check the zoning far in advance.

Dave can be contacted at [email protected] or (920) 680-4472 with any questions.

Please click here for change request form

Building Permits

Please contact the Zoning Administrator for questions regarding building permits.  All permits requiring inspections need to be issued by our Building Inspector, Marty Johnson.  Please contact Marty Johnson at [email protected] or (920) 410-6756 to inquire about Building Permits for projects needing inspections.  Not all building permits require inspections, these permits may be issued by the Zoning Administrator.

Please click here for information on building permit requirements

Please click here for the Building Permit Application