Tax Collection Information

2022 Property Tax Collection Information

Please note your options have changed this year.

You will NOT be able to pay your taxes at ANY bank.

Your ONLY options are the following: 

MAIL:       Town of Morrison Treasurer, 3792 Park Rd, Greenleaf, WI 54126

IN PERSON:  Morrison Town Hall the following times ONLY:

                      Tues, Dec 13,12noon-3pm

            Thur,Dec 15,6pm-8pm 

            Sat, Dec 17, 9pm-12noon

                      Thur, Dec 29, 9am-12noon 

            Sat, Dec 31, 12noon-3pm 

            Tues, Jan 10, 12noon-3pm

                      Saturday, Jan 28, 9am to 12noon

In person payments will NOT be accepted at the Town Hall office any time other than these. 


            Use Guest sign-in, for best results only enter the Parcel# in the Property# field

            VPS Convenience Fees: E-check $1.25, Personal Visa Debit Cards $3.95, and

            Credit Cards/Other Debit Cards 2.55%


NOTE:  2022 Dog License applications will be accepted when paying taxes at the Town Hall on tax collection dates. 

       Fee is $10 per dog or $5 if spayed/neutered. Include a copy of rabies vaccine details from your vet. 

       Contact Laurie Daul, Treasurer at 920-606-5433 with questions.


       Homeowners check for Lottery Credit deduction on Primary Residence only.

      Mailing address changes, go to

      Receipts available to view & print for no charge