Zoning Administrator Duties


Part time position, working various hours.
Provide zoning information and direction. Working closely with the Town Board, Clerk, Plan
Commission Chairperson, and Board of Appeals Chairperson.
1. Become familiar with the Town of Morrison Zoning Ordinance.
2. Provide courteous, un biased and fair treatment to all
3. Handle requests from individuals and relators regarding zoning.
4. Along with the Plan Commission, assure the layout at the property of the zoning request
prior to the PCC meeting date.
5. Use accurate record keeping skills. Schedule meeting dates. Currently 2 nd Thursday of
the month.
6. Prepare notices to be submitted for publication. Post meetings at three physical
locations, or one location and town web site.
7. Have any legal notices published in the newspaper.
8. Provide monthly report to the Town Board on zoning issues. Record meeting
attendance for Plan Commission members or Board of Appeals members.
9. Provide information at meetings.
10. After approval, issue a fire number for driveway permits based on calculations made for
the new address. Supervisor will order sign and install.
11. Understand Zoning Ordinance and enforce compliance if violation occurs. Town Board
supports the Zoning Ordinance and will offer a letter of reinforcement if necessary.
12. Receive calls from residents regarding zoning, and respond in a timely matter.
13. Review current zoning ordinances and update, when necessary, with the PCC.
14. Work on Comprehensive Plan when needed to be updated, along with the help of the
PCC and Town Board.