Town of Morrison Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test

Data Gathering


In an effort to justify better and faster internet service to the Town of Morrison, an effort is being kicked off to collect data regarding internet speeds in the Town of Morrison.


The effort needed by each individual is small and collectively the data will lead to a more convincing argument for faster and better internet service for the Town of Morrison.


The directions are simple.  Please print off the map found here, place an X at the location the internet speed test is conducted and indicate the results of the test.  You are welcome to do multiple tests if you wish.  Record each one and put them on the map by the X.

In addition, please enclose a letter of why you need better internet speed whether it is working from home, virtual school, or whatever it is that can help when this information is forwarded to the addvisory committee.

 This data will be consolidated and fashioned into a presentation to be used to encourage expansion of internet service to the Town of Morrison.


Steps to submit test results:


1.       Print off the map

2.      Open any internet browser and do a google search on “internet speed test”

3.      Click on “Run Speed Test”

4.      Add the results to the printed map with an X for the location and the results of the test:

a.       In this case 7.68 download .72 upload


5.      Send the map as an attachment to:

[email protected]


Thank you


For any questions, please contact Tom at [email protected]