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TOWN OF MORRISON, BROWN COUNTY                                                        

*Besides the $50.00 rental fee the Town of Morrison requires a $ 250.00 deposit check made out to the Town of Morrison.  This check may be returned after the rental date if the town hall is left in the same condition it is found -see below*






Please contact Diane Suchomel, 920-864-2482 for rental availability.

ONLY Town of Morrison residents may rent the town hall

The west door to the Town Hall/Community Center will be opened at the time of the event; also opened-the doors to the supply room (cleaning supplies), storage room (tables, chairs, etc.) and the furnace room (breaker box).

Alcohol:  Renter is responsible for abiding by the rules and regulations of the State of Wisconsin in regard to any aspect of alcohol use.

*Cleaning: Renter is responsible to completely clean the Community Center following the activity held. Cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, garbage bags, etc, are in the supply room at the end of the hall by the bathrooms.

  • Floors swept and mopped for spills (use floor cleaner in water located on shelf), rugs vacuumed
  • Tables & chairs wiped off and returned to original positions.
  • Restrooms checked, toilets flushed, wastebaskets empty, clean restrooms.  Supplies are located in supply room
  • Renter will need to furnish his/her own dishcloths.
  • Kitchenette sink and counters wipe down
  • Town will furnish garbage bags. Renter to take all recycling and solid waste bags with them
  • Ensure all cigarette butts are picked up outside
  • Ensure all lights are off.
  • Return both thermostats to original settings
  • Wipe out the refrigerator and return it to the original setting
  • Unplug the microwave (Wipe out any spills)
  • Wipe off counters
  • Wipe out sinks
  • Make sure all water faucets are turned off
  • Lock front door from the inside and side entrances. Lock & exit out the door to the west (Door by hallway to bathrooms)

Commercial Use: Any commercial use of the building is subject to Town Board approval & charge

Discipline: Renter is responsible for discipline inside & outside of the Community Center. Parking or driving on the lawn, fireworks, loud music and disruptive activities are prohibited.

Decorations: There will be NO decorations ALLOWED to be put on ceilings, walls or woodwork at any time. NO tape, thumb tacks, etc is to be used on walls, ceiling or wood trim.

*Fees: Rental fee and security deposit must be paid in advance. Separate checks, payable to the Town of Morrison are required.  Following the final inspection, security deposit checks will be returned provided the terms of the rental contract are honored. Cancellation of rental 7 days prior to a scheduled activity and cancellations due to inclement weather will result in a full refund of the rental fee and security deposit.

Exempt Organizations:  Exempt from rental fees will be 4-H Clubs, senior Citizens groups, Bloodmobile, other groups upon review with the Town Board.

Lost or Stolen Items: The Town of Morrison shall not be responsible for lost & stolen items

Smoking:  Smoking in the Town Hall/Community Center is prohibited

Snow Removal:  If not already done, the renter will be responsible for snow removal from the entrances & walks.

(Updated: 7/1/2016)


Town of Morrison

Town Hall / Community Center

3792 Park Rd

Greenleaf WI 54126

Rental Information:

Please call Diane Suchomel 920-864-2482 for availability

Rental Cost:  $ 50.00 Rental fee + $ 250.00 Security Fee


Amenities: small kitchenette, sink, refrigerator, microwave

Bathrooms, tables + chairs to seat 99.

Electric outlets for Nesco roasters or other warming units

See attachment for rental rules + guidelines

Renters will need to provide their own dish cloths


Upon booking, a rental contract, guidelines + the release + Hold

Harmless Agreement will be sent to you.