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1. When is the next election?

February 17th. Only for residents of the Denmark School District to vote on school board members. Only residents of the Denmark School District have a decision to make pretaining to a school referendum.

Recycling and Garbage Pickup

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1. Where and when can we bring our garbage and recycling?

Residents currently haul their own recyclables to the Glenmore/Morrison recycling center located at 4104 Lark Road. WED 5-8 PM SAT 8-Noon CLOSED HOLIDAYS • Any items containing freon (refrig, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc) will be assessed a $20.00 disposal fee as you drop your item off. No-Fee: Computers, laptops, printers, deyboards, mice, LCD's, servers, fax machines, wire and cabling, telephone systems, modems, stereo systems, video equipment, cell phones, copiers (liquid purged) and microwaves. • Fee: $10 to recycle 29" and less $20 to recycle 30" and larger on CRT monitors, TVs and picture tubes.

Town Hall

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1. What is the mailing address for the Town of Morrison

Mail must be sent to 4207 Hill Road, Greenleaf, Wisconsin, 54126. No mail is accepted at the Town Hall. Any mail sent to that address will be returned undeliverable.